kitchen remodeling tips

Fresh Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Try Before Spring

Forget spring cleaning.

Try spring remodeling instead. It’s the perfect time to change the design and layout of your kitchen to let in the San Diego light and space you’ve been craving! A bright and functional kitchen will motivate you to cook more and will draw your family in for some quality time.

Whether you’re just replacing the countertops or opting for a full kitchen remodel, here are a few ways to lighten the mood.

Use White Paint + White Tile

kitchen remodeling tips


If you think white equals boring, it’s time to change that misconception. White won’t just make your kitchen look larger, it also makes it look fresher and cleaner. Varied material textures will subtly compliment each other without breaking up overall unity. Think: glossy white subway tile next to a matte white wall.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Pastels

pastel in home decor

Many homeowners confine pastels to the nursery. That’s a shame, because the right pastel color will give your kitchen a soft pop of color you can’t get elsewhere. Save the serious colors for the study and add in pastel subway tile, floor tiles, and/or hardware over a muted base coat. Try warm pastels like green or yellow, because they’ll look great in every season.

Lighten up the Floor

kitchen remodeling tips

If you’ve been lightening up the walls to create a brighter kitchen and don’t see a huge difference, look down. Is your flooring a dark hardwood? Consider refinishing or replacing that heavy color with a light wood or tile floor. Your kitchen will feel bigger and cheerier. Plus, lighter woods hide scratches, dents, and dirt better—fantastic news for pet owners.

Install Natural Wood Countertops…

kitchen remodeling tips

Natural wood might not have the “wow” factor of a glass or stone countertop, but gets points for versatility. Made well, a wood cabinet or countertop can be sleek or homey. Whatever your style is, when you opt for natural finishes, you’re incorporating reminders of the great outdoors. If that’s not refreshing, we don’t know what is!

…or opt for Ultra-Shiny Modern Countertops

kitchen remodeling tips

On the flipside, there’s just something about gleaming countertops that makes every chef happy. Rustic woods and softer stones have their charm, but they can also harbor bacteria and must be sealed regularly. When you choose a glossy countertop, the reflected light will give the illusion of a bigger, brighter space.

Build in Sleek Storage

kitchen remodeling tips

If you don’t enjoy keeping your pots and pans perfectly lined up for open viewing, built-in seamless storage is probably in order. Keep your kitchen looking zen and springtime fresh when you opt for sleek handles on custom-built cupboards.

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