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6 Underrated Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

When you’re coming up with ideas to remodel your kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Subway tile or reclaimed wood? Custom or stock cabinets? Farmhouse sink or stainless steel?

When you finally get to the actual layout and design, it can be really tough to come up with even more creative kitchen remodeling ideas. That’s where a creative design and build firm comes in. At Design Studio West, we cover your basic needs and go a step further to incorporate some really creative details that fit into your lifestyle!

Check out some of our past kitchen remodeling projects below, and consider incorporating one of these unique details in your own!

Custom-Built Storage Spaces

custom kitchen island with cubbies design studio west

When you opt for an island, don’t settle on a few cabinets. Think about the things you’ll use most. Get those beautiful cookbooks out where you can see them, and keep everything from paper towels to cutting boards at your fingertips. A custom island shouldn’t just be extra counter space. Make it the swiss army knife of the kitchen!

Low Shelves

design studio west custom cabinets with low shelves

Built-in kitchen shelves get double points for being both useful and interesting. You can display all of your treasured items in a tasteful way, particularly in the kitchen. However, there’s nothing worse than attempting to dust knick knacks or vases when they’re high overhead. Not only will your display items be easily accessible and ready to switch out, but they’ll also be easier to keep clean!

A Hidden Whiteboard

kitchen remodeling ideas whiteboard faux custom cabinet

The chalkboard wall or whiteboard isn’t for everyone—but it sure is handy when you need to take notes during a phone call, write a quick grocery list, write out the week’s menu, or leave a note for a family member. Hide a whiteboard or chalkboard behind a cabinet door, and you can save style while remaining fully functional in the kitchen.

Vertical Cabinet Doors

unique custom kitchen cabinets with vertical sliding doors

Cabinet doors can be pesky—when you have double doors, you must open both to access everything. Oh, and if you happen to leave one open, you could run into it with your head. (Not fun.) In this project, we added vertical overhead cabinet doors. They’re also a better use of space, and everything’s in reach with one push. 

A Below-Counter Microwave

custom kitchen remodeling tips for microwaves

Somewhere along the line, everyone put their microwaves above the stove or sink. There’s not really anything wrong with that—except if you’re reaching up to pull out a heavy bowl of piping hot soup over your head. Of course, you could keep your microwave on the counter, but you’ll lose valuable counter space, and it’s not exactly stylish kitchen decor. What to do? Install your microwave under the countertop, and you’ll solve both problems.

Transparent Cabinet Doors

design studio west transparent custom cabinet doors
No more hunting for water cups or those cereal bowls. They’re all there in plain (or slightly obscured) sight, but not completely exposed so they won’t gather dust. A winning choice for this Design Studio West project.

A Sink in Your Island

spanish style custom kitchen island with sink design studio west

Imagine being stranded on an island without fresh water. Not exactly ideal. OK, so maybe that’s not the best example for this kitchen remodeling idea—but the principle holds. An island with a sink built-in is great when you’re chopping vegetables and don’t want to travel back and forth across your freshly-washed floor. In addition, you’ll give friends and family a useful space to help you out in the kitchen!

Did you find any of these kitchen remodeling ideas useful? Did you add something to your kitchen that’s changed your life, or at least made things easier than before? Let us know in the comments!
By the way—if you’re ready to get started remodeling your kitchen and you need inspiration and ideas, get in touch with one of the experts at Design Studio West today!