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6 Things to Consider Before You Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets

The biggest purchase you’ll make for your kitchen? The cabinets. Industry stats show that cabinets are typically the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel.

That’s a pretty serious statistic! Whether you’re a kitchen planning pro or a newbie, we recommend you start planning with the expert team at Design Studio West. If you’re feeling a little anxious in the meantime, don’t be. We know what you need to think about before you start!

Read on for 5 important things to consider before redoing your kitchen cabinets.

1. Be realistic about how much you use your kitchen

Maybe you made a vow to be Julia Child in the kitchen–just as soon as it’s remodeled. But when everything’s installed and the counters are gleaming, it’s likely you’ll want to get back into your usual routine of ordering pizza at least a few nights a week. Go minimalist in your kitchen design and don’t spend too much on premium hardware for your cabinets if you’ll be opening more takeout bags than cabinet doors.

If you’re an aspiring top chef, the right layout and choice of materials can make or break your kitchen experience. You’ll need sturdier cabinets that can handle the heat. It’s also important to utilize your space wisely and make room for custom extras, like built-in spice racks.

2. Know how much storage you need

Storage is fantastic. But if you don’t factor in your actual storage needs at the start, you might find yourself with far too many empty cabinets and far too little counter space (or vice versa). Make sure you go through your kitchen supplies and smaller appliances and choose cabinets that can accommodate just what you have.

3. Choose whether to refinish or replace

What if your existing cabinets are functional, but not stylish? Don’t scrap them all together. A new paint job, a new finish, or new hardware might be all you need to get the effect you want.  If, however, your cabinets just aren’t functional or don’t fit your lifestyle, it’s probably time to consider taking them out and replacing them with a brand new custom set in a more intuitive layout.

4. Don’t mix up wants and needs

Speaking of extras, make sure that you don’t mix up your wants and your needs in your kitchen. You may like the look of a cabinet, but is it durable? Easy to keep clean? Write down exactly what you are not willing to sacrifice–it’s different for everyone–and make sure you get what you need before you spring for what you want. After you nail down your wants, add on all the extras that will really make your cabinets stand out.

5. Know what to look for in a cabinet

In the cabinet world, you can choose from premade (stock) cabinets, cabinets that are premade but offer customize hardware (semi-stock), or cabinets that are designed and built just for you (custom). Make sure you have assessed your needs thoroughly and pay close attention to the way the cabinets are constructed. Here’s what to look for:

    • What’s holding it together? “Dovetailed” wood holds up better than hot glue.
    • Will it fit in your kitchen? Don’t settle on stock cabinets that don’t fit your kitchen. Opt for custom and ditch the headaches.
    • What’s the hardware quality? Will those frequently-used drawers slam shut? How far will a drawer pull out for your convenience?
    • Does it match your style? Shaker, flat, inset–a cabinet might check off the quality boxes, but if it doesn’t really fit your style, move on.
    • Are there other kinds of materials? There are plenty of eco-friendly or show-stopping alternative materials to choose from. You don’t have to go traditional with wooden cabinets.

6. Test the cabinets in person

This is probably the single most important part of this process. You can look at every kind of cabinet online and you can ask your friends for advice. But there’s no substitute for seeing and trying out cabinets in person. Stop by the Design Studio West showroom to test cabinets for yourself. Stop by to check out the following lines, and get a complimentary site meeting:

Feeling ready to tackle that kitchen or full home remodel? Here’s a few helpful documents to look at before you get started. We’ve been remodeling San Diego for 30+ years and would love to partner with you to create the home of your dreams. Get in touch with us today for a consultation!