11 Clear Signs it’s Time to Remodel Your Small Kitchen

small La Jolla kitchen remodel

When you move into a home with a tiny kitchen, you have two options: make the best of it or remodel it. If you choose to remodel, you’ll notice space constraint problems are complicated by the shape of the kitchen, the size of the appliances, and even the placement of windows. But with a solid […]

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Fresh Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Try Before Spring

kitchen remodeling tips

Forget spring cleaning. Try spring remodeling instead. It’s the perfect time to change the design and layout of your kitchen to let in the San Diego light and space you’ve been craving! A bright and functional kitchen will motivate you to cook more and will draw your family in for some quality time. Whether you’re […]

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Skip Stones and Check out 3 Show-Stopping Alternative Kitchen Countertops

Del Mar Kitchen Remodel

These days, it seems like there are just a few main contenders for kitchen countertops: quartz, granite, and marble. While these materials may be popular, they come with their own set of drawbacks (which you know if you’ve tried to properly clean up an orange juice spill off of a granite countertop). You don’t have […]

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Take the Spa Home With These Simple Spa Bathroom Ideas

La Jolla Luxury Bathroom

Over the course of your life, research shows you’ll likely spend 1.5 years in the bathroom. While many of those moments will be spent rushing from the shower to the mirror to get ready for work, many more hours will be spent under a relaxing waterfall showerhead or soaking in a warm bathtub. Right? Well…not […]

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5 Golden Rules for Remodeling Old Homes

remodeling old homes in San Diego

If you’re lucky enough to come across a 100-year-old home that doesn’t have rotted framing or dangerous wiring, well, that’s a home worth holding on to. But how do you start with a remodel? Design Studio West has done home design and remodeling in San Diego since 1982, and we have plenty of experience remodeling […]

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