5 Steps to a Successful Kosher Kitchen Remodel

kosher kitchen remodel design studio west

Every kitchen remodel presents its own set of challenges, but a kosher kitchen is in a league of its own! If you’re currently planning a kosher kitchen remodel, you know there are plenty of rules you should abide by. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or ease of use. Our award-winning team […]

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7 Popular Design and Remodeling Trends (and Why People Love Them)

remodeling trends in San Diego

On the hunt for a farmhouse style sink? Scouring Houzz for subway tile ideas? Join the club! Zillow Digs® analyzed over 200 million homes across the US that were sold between January 2014 and March 2016 to see how certain features positively affected their sale price. Homes that included terms such as “barn door” and […]

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4 DIY Home Improvement Projects Americans Regretted in 2015

DIY San Diego home improvement

What’s more expensive: doing a home improvement project by yourself, or hiring an expert to do it for you? Before you blurt out “DIY,” check out this 2015 study on homeowners by Zillow. Not only did many US homeowners regret taking on a big home project such as a room expansion or addition on their […]

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See Design Studio West Featured in the La Jolla Blue Book! [Short Video]

design studio west in La Jolla

Interested in working with Design Studio West? Check out this informative video about our team and our work featured on La Jolla Blue Book Media. Video Transcript: Hello, and welcome. My name is Lee Austin, and I’m president of Design Studio West. Since 1982, our mission has been simply to be San Diego’s best choice […]

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11 Clear Signs it’s Time to Remodel Your Small Kitchen

small La Jolla kitchen remodel

When you move into a home with a tiny kitchen, you have two options: make the best of it or remodel it. If you choose to remodel, you’ll notice space constraint problems are complicated by the shape of the kitchen, the size of the appliances, and even the placement of windows. But with a solid […]

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