Drop That Drill: 7 Remodeling Contracts and Forms to Finish Before You Start

design studio west remodeling contract tips

So you’ve made the decision to remodel your home, and you’re excited—just hold your horses before you start hiring contractors and hammering away. There’s quite a bit of paperwork involved in the process of a home remodel, and we’ve listed several important ones below. The best home remodels are the ones that follow the rules […]

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The Smart Remodeler’s Guide Through 4 Phases of a Home Remodel

how to prepare for a home remodel in San Diego

Do you know what to expect during a remodel? There’s nothing worse than being unprepared. At Design Studio West, we’ve been through the process enough times to know! That’s why we decided to cover the four phases of a remodel, and a few steps to get through them. Keep in mind your process may look […]

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See Design Studio West Featured in the La Jolla Blue Book! [Short Video]

design studio west in La Jolla

Interested in working with Design Studio West? Check out this informative video about our team and our work featured on La Jolla Blue Book Media. Video Transcript: Hello, and welcome. My name is Lee Austin, and I’m president of Design Studio West. Since 1982, our mission has been simply to be San Diego’s best choice […]

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The Single Most Expensive Remodeling Mistake, and How to Avoid it

remodeling mistakes

Let’s cut to the chase: the single most expensive mistake you can make during a remodel is changing your mind right in the middle! Sometimes, your vision for your remodel abruptly changes. But more frequently, this issue is tied to a lack of planning. New materials, changes in layouts, and longer timelines are headaches, but you […]

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