functional multi track lighting pendants

These Unique Pendant Lights Will Transform Your Kitchen and Dining Room

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, don’t just leave those dingy outdated lights above the island or dining table. Opt for a pendant light!

Pendant lights are versatile and add show-stopping style to any kitchen. They’re are one of the biggest home design accessory trends right now, although they’ve been around for centuries. In fact, if you search for “Pendant Lights” on Houzz, you’ll discover over 185,000 of them. (That’s a lot of pendant lights.)

New lights will instantly upgrade your kitchen or dining room. We’ve compiled several beautiful pendant lights from our favorite kitchen remodeling projects to inspire you.

A Modern Red-Hot Pendant

nkba star design winner san diego kitchen remodel red light penant

This award-winning bold kitchen remodel features a globe pendant light that makes a clear statement next to a shimmering stainless steel and blue glass island. The overall result is a kitchen that hints strongly of a sunset on the beach. Think about the experience you want to create in your kitchen, then choose a pendant light that reflects that.

Warm Glass Pendants

san diego front street condo custom warm lighting pendants

Is there any color happier than this swirly blend of yellow and orange? The late-afternoon-sun shade coordinates well with the aqua glass subway tile backsplash and rustic chipped-edge granite island in this downtown condo remodel. Consider using more than one pendant for an effect that’s eye-pleasing and functional, particularly if you’re drawn to smaller pendants.

An Industrial-Style Pendant

custom industrial light pendant san diego design studio west

Industrial doesn’t have to evoke visions of cold factories. This sleek kitchen remodel features wire brushed cabinets and an airy skylight that lightens up a heavy pendant, and the sleek dark handles on the white cabinets echo its color.

Functional Multi-Track Pendants

functional multi track lighting pendants

Sometimes, more is more. Several cheerful deep orange pendant lights and small track lights bring sparkle to this serene kitchen remodel. Don’t be afraid to break the rules—not everyone’s a minimalist. You may just need a few more lights to take a kitchen up a notch.

Cool Blue Glass Pendants

san diego hillside custom kitchen remodel blue glass pendant light

Asymmetrical blue glass pendants float above the dark countertop and subtly inject color into a mostly monotone kitchen. Not every kitchen is light-filled and full of subway tiles—sometimes, a refined deep palette is just what the chef ordered. Fortunately, you’ll always find a pendant to fit your style.

A Sleek Row of Pendants

seaside carlsbad custom kitchen remodel sleek lighting pendants

That’s one big countertop. This calls for more than a single pendant, don’t you think? A sleek row of pendant lights stretch lengthwise across the countertop, giving every table guest a substantial amount of warm light for their tapas and margaritas. 

A Classy White Pendant

white pendant light la jolla landmark makeover

Not all kitchens call for bold lights. Sometimes, you want to showcase another piece of the decor—in this case, the stunning black island and countertops marbled with white. The classy large white pendant nearly blends into the walls and ceiling, making a small dining space feel fresh, not cluttered.

A Modern and Sophisticated Pendant

modern black pendant light design studio west

In this dining room, a rich black drum pendant light is a great focal point against warm red hues of the wall and the verdant view. A simple black frame on the white wall and a ties this pendant into the decor.
There you have it—7 pendant lights that will refresh your kitchen. Looking for a bigger way to inject more style and functionality into your kitchen? It could be time for a kitchen remodel! Get in touch with the award-winning team at Design Studio West and start planning the kitchen of your dreams.