Our Design & Remodeling Services

Founded in 1982, The Design Studio West Team is a Premier Design and Remodeling firm with a 4000 square foot Remodeling Design Center and Showroom in San Diego La Jolla, California. We are interested in all of your remodeling and renovation needs including:

  • Partial and complete home remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Exterior remodeling

When you are interested in remodeling just a portion of your home or completing a major structural and design renovation with added rooms and space, our experts will create something fantastic and expressly for you. We design, provide plans & permits and complete amazing remodel projects for our clients, and for many of our clients we do it several times over.

Our Designers

Design Studio West. The name of the company starts with Design for a reason. Simply put, Design and Planning are the most important part of any remodeling process. Each of our designers is a Multi-Award Winning Design Expert with years of experience right here in San Diego at Design Studio West. Our Designers know what to ask and most importantly how to listen so you get everything you are hoping for and more. More creative ideas, more functionality, more efficiency, more beauty, more interesting, more, more, more! You will immediately appreciate getting “more” from our Design Experts.

Our Design Center/Showroom:

Our Design Center and Showroom and amazing Project Portfolios allow our designers to show you some of what we have been doing for the last few decades. You will touch and feel the latest cabinetry and amazing hidden storage solutions. You will learn about countertops and appliances. We will show you the latest in kitchen and task lighting options. Several of our kitchens are completely functional so you can run the water and see an induction cooktop at work. Our designers will make sure you don’t miss anything and as your design partner we will help you decide what must be included in your perfect remodel. Design Studio West’s showroom located in the heart of La Jolla was designed by the design experts you will meet here to help us show you what is possible and to help you show us “Your Style”.

Because so much goes into every remodel our Design Center/Showroom includes:

  • Eight+ Complete Kitchens (Design Studio West actually completes 3x as many bathrooms as kitchens)
  • Custom Cabinetry (Diverse Styles And Hundreds Of Options)
  • Countertops (Granite, Quartzite, Soap Store, Marble, Manmade Solids)
  • Tile (Natural Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Metals)
  • Appliances, Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures
  • Flooring, Water Filtration, Decking Products
  • It’s all here!

The Design Process:

Design Studio West’s showroom and four-step Design Process were developed to help you show us what you like and to help our designers show you what is possible. We start in our Design Center and Showroom, next we meet you at your home to see the areas you are planning to remodel. At that meeting we ask about your goals and listen to your thoughts and ideas. We will talk about budgets and timeframes and you will get all of your what-if questions answered. When you feel comfortable that DSW is the right match for you and your project you can accept our Design Agreement and set your first appointment to review several initial layout ideas. With each step in the Design Process you will select materials, review the costs and make decisions until we have crated the best possible project specifically for you and the way you live. Design Studio West has perfected the entire Design Process to assure you get the most out of your time and our Design Experts.

The Remodeling Process:

Design Studio West is a team of construction and remodeling experts. Our construction and construction management team has 150++ years of residential remodeling experience. From plans and permits to major structural framing and through to the last interior detail our knowledge and experience allows us to be effective and efficient. We have seen and addressed almost everything that can come up many times over and for that reason we can move smoothly through our projects. A sophisticated project takes careful management and coordination and experts in every trade and craftspeople who have the mindset that doing quality work will continue to keep Design Studio West on top in the eyes of our clients.

Team and Process Integration:

Team and Process integration is what makes Design Studio West the best option for homeowners who want great design and smooth process from beginning to end. After you select Design Studio West your Design Specialist will simply walk into the next office to talk to your Remodeling Expert who knows how much everything will cost and how long it will take. That level of Team and Process Integration allows unparalleled creativity just as it saves time and assures efficiency and accuracy. Because Design Studio West is a complete team, you hire all of the experts all at once to complete your remodel. You will experience a very real sense of security knowing that since 1982 Design Studio West has been learning from experience, winning remodeling awards, and standing behind our products and craftsmanship. Design Studio West is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and we have a very long list of clients who are proud of their homes because of their partnership with Design Studio West.