Drop That Drill: 7 Remodeling Contracts and Forms to Finish Before You Start

design studio west remodeling contract tips

So you’ve made the decision to remodel your home, and you’re excited—just hold your horses before you start hiring contractors and hammering away. There’s quite a bit of paperwork involved in the process of a home remodel, and we’ve listed several important ones below. The best home remodels are the ones that follow the rules […]

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7 Popular Design and Remodeling Trends (and Why People Love Them)

remodeling trends in San Diego

On the hunt for a farmhouse style sink? Scouring Houzz for subway tile ideas? Join the club! Zillow Digs® analyzed over 200 million homes across the US that were sold between January 2014 and March 2016 to see how certain features positively affected their sale price. Homes that included terms such as “barn door” and […]

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4 DIY Home Improvement Projects Americans Regretted in 2015

DIY San Diego home improvement

What’s more expensive: doing a home improvement project by yourself, or hiring an expert to do it for you? Before you blurt out “DIY,” check out this 2015 study on homeowners by Zillow. Not only did many US homeowners regret taking on a big home project such as a room expansion or addition on their […]

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7 Places to Get Remodeling and Decorating Inspiration (That Aren’t Pinterest)

San Diego remodeling inspiration

One of the hardest things you’ll experience before a remodel? Pre-remodeling anxiety. Every decision, from your new bathroom floor plan to the simple hardware on your kitchen cabinets, can feel like a life-or-death decision. One of the best ways to alleviate pre-remodeling stress is by gathering plenty of inspiration. As you narrow down the details […]

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How to Keep Stress Levels Low During a Full Home Remodel

keeping stress low during a full San Diego home remodel

What leads to the most stress during a full-home remodel? If you answered “changing plans midstream” or “unforeseen expenses,” you’re correct—but only partially. Stressful feelings during a full home remodel actually result from a build up of multiple issues. As the amount American homeowners are spending on home remodels increases this year, higher stress levels […]

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