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7 Popular Design and Remodeling Trends (and Why People Love Them)

On the hunt for a farmhouse style sink? Scouring Houzz for subway tile ideas?

Join the club!

Zillow Digs® analyzed over 200 million homes across the US that were sold between January 2014 and March 2016 to see how certain features positively affected their sale price.

Homes that included terms such as “barn door” and “subway tile” actually sold faster and for “up to 13 percent more than expected.”

The bottom line? Home trends don’t just result in more selling power. Every one of these features is in demand for a reason. Let’s take a look at 7 of these popular design and remodeling features, and why people seek them out.

1. Barn Doors

Percent home sells above expected value: 13.4%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 57

Most common location: Phoenix, AZ

There are plenty of articles out there questioning the “staying power” of the barn door trend. In fact, some already think it’s over, like chevron prints. The Zillow Digs® shows otherwise. The barn door look—frequently made from rough-hewn and repurposed wood—lends a rustic feel to any home. Some opt to paint the door a bright, show-stopping color, or add windows for interest (since you can’t really hang art on a sliding wall). In our opinion, this might be a trend, but there are distinct benefits to including a sliding barn door in your home. Not only can you increase privacy as needed with these space-saving unobtrusive doors, but depending on the size, you can create entirely new spaces in your home on a whim.

2. Shaker Cabinets

Percent home sells above expected value: 9.6%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 45

Most common location: Los Angeles, CA

Can a cabinet based on an 18th-century style of furniture still be considered a modern trend? Shaker cabinets are a simple design formulated by the Shakers, a religious group in the Northeastern United States (more on the Shakers here).

Somehow, Shaker cabinets manage to be both modern and farmhouse rustic at the same time—whether they’re painted or finished with Thermofoil. It’s a far cry from the sconces and ornate profiles of the cabinets that were popular in the 80s and early 90s, and the benefit is that these cabinets will let your gorgeous quartz countertop (see remodeling trend #5) take the main stage.

3. Farmhouse Sinks

Percent home sells above expected value: 7.9%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 58

Most common location: Los Angeles, CA

The Farmhouse Sink is another trend that seems borne of a time long ago—when kitchens were just starting to resemble the ones we have today. A time when people raised chickens and grew raspberries and tomatoes in their gardens. OK, that might just be a slight exaggeration. But it’s what we picture, and we have a feeling that part of the reason this standby is gaining new popularity is because of the down-to-earth nostalgia of it all. But that’s not all.

If you currently have a Farmhouse sink, you know how practical it is. It’s deep and wide, making cooking on Thanksgiving feel doable. Additionally, a deeper sink means fewer shirt-splashing accidents. It’s no wonder people love Farmhouse Sinks!

4. Subway Tiles

Percent home sells above expected value: 6.9%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 63

Most common location: Philadelphia, PA

We’ve covered the ever-popular Subway Tile before. This is also a trend with a dual purpose—both functional and beautiful. The size of the tile may vary by year, but a classic unmistakable horizontal rectangle in the kitchen really never gets old. Plus, this is a look that fits across the board, in everything from Victorian to Modern homes, and it’s equally at home in a kitchen or bathroom.

The glossy tiles are super easy to clean, and durable—there’s a reason they were chosen to grace the underground walls of so many metros and subways on the East Coast. (It might also be part of the reason they’re so popular in Philly.)

5. Quartz

Percent home sells above expected value: 6.0%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 50

Most common location: Los Angeles, CA

Watch any HGTV show in the early-mid 2000s. What’s the first thing a home flipper or buyer say a home needs? Granite countertops. In 2004, US sales increased 60 percent for another kind of stone. Quartz. Whether the Quartz in a home is made from quarried slabs or manufactured with 5 percent polymer resins, you’ll get a tough natural stone with something granite couldn’t offer—more color options.

In addition to a gorgeous array of colors, Quartz hits all the right practical notes. It’s not porous, so it won’t capture germs, and it resists stains and corrosion, making maintenance slightly easier.

6. Exposed Bricks

Percent home sells above expected value: 4.9%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 36

Most common location: New York, NY

It’s no surprise that the buyers clamoring for exposed brick come from New York City. Haven’t you seen how much exposed brick is in the popular TV show, Friends? OK, we’re halfway joking—but New Yorkers go wild for the stuff. Why?

Well, perhaps because of its “warm, rustic charm” that can make a renovated home look totally authentic. Or perhaps it’s because of the esteemed history of brick in cultural institutions, museums, old row homes, and ivy league schools that are built on the man-made stone. We could cite many reasons for its appeal. Unfortunately, aside from aesthetic appeal, the cons include difficulty hanging items, cleaning, long-term maintenance issues, and—unless you cover it with sheetrock or paint it—a permanent look.

7. Pendant Lights

Percent home sells above expected value: 4.6%

How many days faster than expected home sells: 48

Most common location: Phoenix, AZ

Surprised? In comparison to most things on this list, lighting seems like it would take the backburner. However, lighting is so important these days, and the difference between a stock kitchen light and a show-stopping pendant light can make all the difference for a home’s “personality.”

In addition, pendant lights are easier to change out for style and offer more creative lighting solutions, say, when you’re straining to read Aunt Irma’s handwriting for a recipe in the kitchen.
Want to see the whole list? Check it out here. And if you’re interested in incorporating one or all of these timeless “trends” into your home, get in touch with the experts at Design Studio West!