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Take the Spa Home With These Simple Spa Bathroom Ideas

Over the course of your life, research shows you’ll likely spend 1.5 years in the bathroom.

While many of those moments will be spent rushing from the shower to the mirror to get ready for work, many more hours will be spent under a relaxing waterfall showerhead or soaking in a warm bathtub. Right?

Well…not for everyone. If your bathroom isn’t the kind of place you like to hang around in, it’s time for some bathroom remodel ideas (or at least a few bathroom tweaks).

Here are several ways you can make your bathroom more like the spa.

Focus on the Luxurious Bathroom Details

Try starting with the small details. Incorporate simple streamlined handles on cupboards for a clean look. Add in thoughtfully placed mirrors (don’t forget good lighting!) and easy-to-reach towel racks. If you have pieces of art that mean a lot to you or beautiful potted plants, the bathroom is a great place to showcase them.

Incorporate Beautiful Stones

What does every spa have in common? Beautiful natural materials. If you’re in the process of remodeling, make sure that you use high-quality building materials. Quartz is a great option for countertops, as it’s naturally moisture and bacteria resistant, but there are plenty of other high-quality options that will result in less maintenance. Visit our showroom in La Jolla to see them in person!

Use Vessel Sinks

Part of the reason spas are so popular is because they feel completely unlike any place you’ve been before. A raised sink bowl (a.k.a. “vessel sink”) is an extraordinary detail that will take your bathroom from everyday to spa. In addition, if you’re working with a tiny bathroom, you’ll save valuable space in the cabinet below, where a typical basin would be.

Perfect Your Tub or Shower

These days, there’s nothing quite as luxurious as having the time to soak in a bath—particularly if it’s a whirlpool tub. But maybe you’re not a soak-in-the-bath kind of person. In that case, we’d focus efforts on the shower! Don’t skimp on the showerhead(s). Think about whether you prefer a waterfall effect or a massage function for those knots in your back.

If your shower is close to windows with a private view of the outdoors, then use clear glass to ensure the natural light can reach the rest of the bathroom. You’ll be transported every time you step in.

Make Good Use of Storage

When you walk into a spa, what do you notice? It feels clean. The countertops aren’t littered with makeup, hair products, or shavers. Maximize your under-counter space and choose a high-quality cabinet that will last for years. When you have convenient spaces for everything, you’ll be more likely to keep those countertops clean.

Use Appropriate Lighting

Another spa hallmark? Appropriate lighting. What do we mean by that? Lighting that’s beautiful and functional in the right places. You can’t rely on one style of light to do everything you need to do. Try installing your vanity lights on either side of your mirror, right on the center line, and you’ll find it easier to apply makeup or shave.

Choose the warmth of light that works best for you—generally, the warmer a light is, the more flattering it is. As for the brightness factor, think about installing dimmers or creating a layered lighting plan.

Create Separate Areas for Relaxing or Getting Ready

One of the best things about the spa is the fact that you can walk from room to room, each with its own relaxing (or useful) purpose. You can replicate this in your bathroom by creating clear divisions between different areas, i.e., a well-lit vanity space separated from your bathtub. a vanity from a bathing area, etc.
Still not sure where to start creating your very own spa bathroom? Get in touch with us today to get started, and stop by our showroom for inspiration.