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11 Clear Signs it’s Time to Remodel Your Small Kitchen

When you move into a home with a tiny kitchen, you have two options: make the best of it or remodel it.

If you choose to remodel, you’ll notice space constraint problems are complicated by the shape of the kitchen, the size of the appliances, and even the placement of windows. But with a solid interior design and remodeling firm by your side, it’s a lot easier—and you’re more likely to end up with the kitchen you want.

Still not sure if it’s time to take the leap? Read on to find out how you’ll know it’s time to remodel your small kitchen.

1. Normal-sized appliances don’t fit…

If your appliances look like they’re built for dolls, it’s time for an upgrade. A mini stove and fridge make it tough to stock up on groceries or cook your own meals, which is frustrating for even the occasional chef.

2. …and neither does your family.

Picture three cooks in your kitchen. Would you be able to move around freely, or would you feel like you were stuck in traffic on the 5? Make your kitchen more spacious, and you’re more likely to get help (or at least entertainment) while cooking.

3. It’s not a multifunctional space.

On that note, a kitchen should be versatile. Is there space for you to hang out with your morning coffee, or do you have to stand? Can you throw mail on the counter without feeling claustrophobic? It’s time to remodel your kitchen to be multifunctional.

4. Your counter space is a cruel joke.

Let’s say you’re mixing up cookies and preparing lasagna at the same time. How frequently do you find yourself using the dining table or a chair for lack of counter space? If the answer is yes, it’s time for a remodel.

5. An island is just a place in the ocean.

Is an “island” a foreign concept in your tiny kitchen? Do you dream of additional space to chop vegetables or relax with wine and cheese? Make your dream a reality.

6. You’ve lived with your current kitchen for at least 5 months (and you still don’t like it).

This is one of the best indications that you’re ready for a kitchen remodel. It’s always a great idea to live in your kitchen for at least 5 months. That way, when you do remodel, you’ll know exactly what needs to be altered.

7. Your drawers and cupboards are overflowing.

Do you use your oven as extra storage space? Do your jam-packed cabinets resemble jack-in-the-boxes when you open them? It’s time to bring in sleek extra storage space.

8. You use your fridge for additional light.

If your kitchen light is so dim you can barely make out jar labels, it’s a problem. If your kitchen light is harsher than a standard corporate building, it’s still a problem. Your kitchen lighting should complement the beauty and functionality of your kitchen, and it’s best when it’s custom-designed.

9. It doesn’t fit your style.

When you feel like your kitchen was designed by your pioneering great-great-great-grandmother, it’s time for a revamp. Your kitchen might serve a different function than your living room, but it should still be an expression of your personal style.

10. It’s isolated from the rest of the house.

Kitchens shouldn’t resemble solitary confinement. If you want your kitchen to connect to the rest of your living space, get an expert’s advice on opening it up with a smart remodeling plan.

11. The electrical and plumbing is tricky.

It’s tricky to get an old home remodel right. It’s especially tough in the kitchen, where the electrical and plumbing situation might be a mess. But if you work with the right design and remodeling firm, you’ll end up with a beautifully-preserved older kitchen with modern amenities.

If you said yes to any of these reasons to get a kitchen remodel, it’s time! Contact the experts at Design Studio West for a consultation. You’ll be informed and involved in the design process every step of the way.

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